Avik Jain

I'm a developer who loves problem solving, full-stack development, and sharing my passion for programming.


I like to work on projects ranging from web-apps for school clubs to open-source command-line tools.


Terminal over Facebook Messenger

fbash allows users to run shell commands on their computer or a server remotely through Facebook Messenger. It takes advantage of Messenger's various features, including sending attachments, joining group chats, and advanced syntax highlighting to provide an experience better than that of a traditional SSH client.

It is published as an NPM module to be installed globally. After installation, it can be started through the command-line and runs as a background process.

3.2k+ installs through NPM


I spread my passion for code by teaching at local non-profits and school clubs.


Program Leader

MathAndCoding is a non-profit that arranges workshops in libraries across the Bay Area to teach students of all ages introductory programming and web development. I've taught and led workshops teaching basic coding using languages including Java, Python, and HTML and CSS. Additionally, I created a curriculum for and taught an Android AppInventor workshop, including many basic projects that teach programming fundamentals. I received a Gold President's Service Award for over 100 hours of service in 2016.

MV Dev Club

Director of Technology

Monta Vista Dev Club is a school club that teaches students how to build websites and mobile applications. I created a curriculum for and taught Android development to students during the 2015-16 school year. This summer, I revised our web development curriculum and added basic server-side development using Node.js. I will oversee the teaching of web and mobile development this year, while continuously revising our curriculum and planning projects for our members.


I've won a few awards in programming, math, and entrepreneurship competitions.

SM Hacks 2016

1st Place Overall

Los Altos Hacks 2016

Best Use of Microsoft Technologies and Overall Finalist

CU Hacks 2015

2nd Place in Education Category

USA Computing Olympiad

Platinum Division Qualifier and Competitor

American Math Competition

American Invitational Mathematics Examination Qualifier and Competitor


California CDC - 2nd Place in Individual Entrepreneurship

International CDC - Qualifier and Competitor