Access all your terminal commands and more through Facebook Messenger.

$ npm install -g fbash 
$ fbash start
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Installation and Running

  1. Install globally through npm.

    $ npm install -g fbash
  2. Run and enter credentials.

    $ fbash start     
    email: you@example.com
    password: ********
  3. Your'e ready to go! To kill fbash at any time, use the following command.

    $ fbash stop


Once you have fbash running on a computer, you can send commands through Messenger. To do so, open the chat with which you can send messages to yourself. Any message sent through this chat will be treated as a command for fbash to run. Commands can also be sent through other chats, but must be prefixed with /fbash to be recognized as commands.

More detailed usage instructions can be found on the README.


Taking advantage of Messenger's various features to provide maximal functionality.